Breaking Away with Everitt Middle School

From the source! Spoken words directly to you from a few of our Riding for Focus Students and Teachers of Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge, CO who wrote letters to The Specialized Foundation about their experience with the Riding for Focus Program.

Special thanks to Wheat Ridge Cyclery for the continuous school support serving as our Retail Champion. Gil McCormack, Advocacy Director, Wheat Ridge Cyclery shared, “If we can get kids on bikes early on, it’s going to make them active for life and gives them another way to experience their community and natural world around them.“

Tim Carlin, School Program Champion relayed, “I am a huge advocate of kids with ADHD; they are one of the groups that get the least empathy in our public school system and they are the most active learners.”

Tim is a huge advocate for custom school design and powerful vision work and an ideal champion for Riding for Focus at Everitt.  He champions the idea that with belief in design, schools can push beyond any barrier.  With this belief in mind, he was selected for the first ever School Retool fellowship created by Stanford University and the design firm IDEO.  The fellowship has opened new avenues for project development and lead to the creation of a new experiential education style advisory that is positively impacting the culture at Everitt.

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