Yakima Wheel Fork 2001


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The Yakima Wheel Fork Tire Mount securely holds one front wheel and comes equiped with quick release secondary security tabs. An anti-spin device stabilizes wheel, and it mounts equally well to round or square crossbars.

  • The simple design of the Wheel Fork makes it easy to install and easy to fold up after use for storing.
  • The anti-spin device ensures that the wheel stays stabilized and safe without compromising its security by spinning.
  • The anodized aluminum composition of the Wheel Fork is durable and corrosion-resistant for long-term use despite exposure to the elements.
  • The secondary retention tabs ensure that the wheel stays properly in place, even when the skewer has not been properly tightened.
  • The device holds wheels of several different sizes, from nine millimeter quick-release skewered wheels to 29-inch mountain bike wheels.