Whispbar Fitting Kit


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It only takes two boxes to complete your Whispbar rack system. One, your choice of bar and two, the SmartFoot fitting kit that is customized for your car. SmartFoot is a mounting system that seamlessly attaches to your vehicle like no other. The sleek SmartFoot fitting kits serve as the foundation for your rack, and is quick and easy to install. Paired with the SmartFoot fitting kit, your Whispbar rack system gets the custom treatment. SmartFoot fitting kits are designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle, ensuring a pure and secure fit. And SmartFoot is truly modular—should you decide to set up a rack on another similarly-sized vehicle, just get a new SmartFoot Fitting Kit and transfer—no need to get a whole new rack.

  • Whispbar SmartFoot fitting kits make the simplest rack installation available
  • Vehicle specific fitting kits for all vehicle roof types
  • Use vehicle compatibility guide to find correct fitting kit and bars for your vehicle (bars and fitting kits are sold separately)