Shimano CN-4601 Chain 10 Speed


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It's time for an upgrade! When you're running out of miles left on your old chain, turn to the reliable Shimano CN-4601 Tiagra chain. This 10-speed chain is a durable, powerful 116 links that look great on just about any setup. When adventure calls, make sure you're prepared for the ride of a lifetime.

The Shimano Tiagra 10-speed chain has optimized inner and outer plates, which provide a larger contact area to the teeth. This allows for more efficient power transmission for better shifting even under load HG technology. The outer plates prevent chain-suck from jamming the chain on the chainrings, while the inner plates guarantee smooth shifting on the derailleur.

The Shimano CN-4601 Tiagra 10 Speed Chain has a directional connection, which must be observed during installation. When it comes to smoother shifting and high-quality performance, look no further than this 10-speed chain.


  • HG (Hyperglide) design enables better contact with gear teeth, allowing for smooth shifting even under high load conditions
  • In order to obtain good shifting performance, HG chains have a forward side and a reverse side; sides are marked so that the chain will face the correct way when installed
  • Hyperglide 10-Speed chain
  • Not compatible with Shimano 10-Speed Dyna-sys mountain bike drivetrains
  • Directional inner and outer plates designed for better contact with gear teeth allow smooth shifting even under high load conditions
  • 116 link counChromized rivet pins improve wear resistance
  • Perforated plates for reduced weight
  • 116 links