Park Tools Aws-9.2 Hex Wrench Set


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Bringing together five commonly used mini-tools in one compact and comfortable fold-up, the Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set AWS-9.2 is a great pocket-sized tool for on-the-go or workshop repairs.    

Durable and Lightweight Fold-Up Tool

Comprising of three hex wrenches, a T25 Torx compatible driver and a flat blade screwdriver, the AWS-9.2 neatly holds the tools within a multi-position composite holder which acts as your tool handle. A whopping 40% stronger than most steel handles, the slip-resistant and comfortable housing allows you to twist, turn and tighten with absolute ease. A great fit for any tool bag or workshop, the Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set AWS-9.2 is as essential as it is compact.