Blackburn Airstik SL Mini Pump


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Blackburn’s Airstik SL Mini-pump is the smallest pump you'll ever use that will still get your flat fixed and get you on your way again. At only 59 grams, the only lighter way of getting home after a flat tire might be to call a cab. The Airstik fits easily into a jersey pocket but also will nestle unobtrusively next to your water bottle cage so you'll never leave home without it. Blackburn made this pump with a push-on; presta-only head for easy use. Constructed from aluminum, making it lightweight and tough material for extra durability and a timeless look. Even the best pump won't do you much good if you've left it in your sock drawer. 

Weight: 59 grams
Installation: includes Frame Mount
PSI: 160 PSI, 11 Bar Maximum